The work is made after researching early cinema in Taiwan which most often had a Narrator. This narration could change the way the movie received. By telling the story the Narrator could make a tragedy a comedy, giving an own personal and local perspective.

An abstract interaction of structures of storytelling in early cinema. The different perspectives: the movie, the narrator and the audience come together in a ceremony.

Maker/Idea: Jaime Ibanez, Photography, Editor: Jun-Yuan Hong, Sound: Chuan-Yi Hung/Natafa Wu, Hand Performer: Sei Kai Dei

Supported by:

Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government, Tsung Yeh Arts and Cultural Center,                 the Mondriaan Fund and Netherlands Office Taipei          

Special thanks:          

Professor Wan shun Shih, Jow Jiun Gong, Maggie Pan, Chih Chung Chang, Josephine Ahnelt,            Kuma Wallice, Antoine-J. Chen, Y.C.